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Our Program--Can help You Improve Your Brain By Teaching It To Relax!

We want to help you charge your brain!

And we want to help you strengthen it against outside stresses!

The Program:

If you want to accomplish more and live your life in a calmer, more relaxed and focused way, you or your loved one must commit to the BrainBoosterPlus Program.

We have the well-known Brainmaster system, but we also now have the newest system created for neurofeedback, Cygnet. 

Cygnet is the most updated system, with fun games and screens for clients.  It is the first and at this time, only FDA registration of all neurofeedback systems. 

The BrainBoosterPlus Program includes:

1.  Meet with an intake counselor to discuss your individual strategy plan, meeting the needs of the individual.

2.  You will commit to  20-40 neurofeedback sessions.

3.  You will meet with the fitness counselor to discuss the person's level of core strength, breathing, and flexibility and design a strategy for improvements in those areas.  You will also discuss ways to do forms of meditation and relaxation at home.

4.  You will discuss with your counselor, a plan for working on improving the individual's nutritional needs.

You can pay in advance to receive a discount or pay as you go. 

There is a 10 week plan if you come more than once a week.  You can talk at your intake about how long you want to take to finish the program, if you can't come more than once a week.

Call (818) 346-7079, ext. 2, to make an appointment for an intake. 

Or drop us an email at

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We are also available for corporate/business 

Many corporations are adding meditation and yoga to their daily routine to increase motivation and productivity.

If you are an employer, you should consider how yoga can work for your company.      
There are at least reasons to incorporate yoga, meditation and neurofeedback into a business.

1.  Improve Employee Productivity

Your employees are likely to be stressed by the demands of the modern workplace, but you can help them to be more resilient. In return your employees will naturally work more productively. If you feel better you tend to have more energy for the job. If you are aware of a deadline without becoming paralysed with dread you can work more efficiently and accurately. If your employees are more often at work rather than absent through a stress-related problem - what does that do for team performance? There is no need to let employees find their own way to cope - as an employer you can help. In fact it is almost a no-brainer. Just think - spend a little on stress management and gain a lot in productivity, creativity and accuracy!

2.  Improve Work Life Balance

When was the last time you thought 'I must do more work'?  When was the last time you thought 'I wish I could find more time to be with my family', or 'to improve my golf', or 'to play with my children'?  Being more productive whilst at work, being calmer, being less stressed and getting things into perspective makes it far easier to make the right decision. When is enough enough? and what is really important in life - being there for my son's birthday or finishing off the budget that I've been putting off? You can help your employees to improve their balance and end up being happier and more willing and ready to give their best at work. 

3.  Improve Employee Health

Having aches and pains is not a normal human condition.  Sitting at a desk, focusing on a screen and receiving stressful stimuli all tend to work against a healthy body.  Bodies are made to move, to be balanced and to have varied activities.  Lack of awareness of the body means we only listen when the body shouts.  But the body also influences the mind with lethargy and disquiet long before it shouts with muscle problems, joint problems, or serious stress related diseases. We all have a right to good health and you can help your employees to learn how to stay healthy whilst working.

4.  Minimize Sick

And the result of neglecting the body over periods of time is disease. The employee has sick leave. Simple aches and tensions when continued over a long period can cause all sorts of problems. Stress related diseases are the most common form of sick absence in America. You can help your employees to avoid this. You can do something about stress related disease.  As an employer, how can you not do something?

5.  Improve Decision Making

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all decisions were made quickly and without worry? When employees can think clearly about the issue and do the right thing?  You can help your employees to do this, and the managers and executives too.

6.  Improve Creativity

Creativity is our natural state, but we aren't often in our natural state. We have hundreds of things that we should do. We worry about what is going to happen tomorrow and what happened yesterday, and our creativity today suffers.  If our body is not supporting us with well-being and vitality our creativity suffers.  Have you ever worried a problem and found no answer only to solve it once you let go and relax? Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had creativity on tap? Well you can!

7.  Stress Management

Employees are stressed by any number of reasons like being promoted beyond their capability, not having the right skills, deadlines, lack of feedback, etc. Gaining resilience against these stress inducing factors is the first step to health, gaining perspective and doing something to correct the problems. Every body should have ways to manage their stress.  Many people use sport, caffeine, tobacco or alcohol to unwind themselves after being affected by stress.  Wouldn't it be better if we could manage the stress at source? (You can still enjoy your sport!) You can then work efficiently and avoid throwing the stress onto your body. You can help your employees to be more resilient against stress.

8. Improve Morale

Give your employees the tools to cope and excel and you will be rewarded by improved morale, team working, productivity and creativity. Yoga in business makes good business sense.

If you are an employer, who wants to hire our yoga coordinator, Kathy,  for services, please call her at (818) 597-4860.  For Neurofeedback services, call Aylene at (818) 346-7079.

Please see program page for her information.


Clinical Director of BrainBoosterPlus

Dr. Aylene Lazar, Psy.D, MFT 

Dr. Aylene is an experienced licensed psychotherapist, who has been in private practice for over 10 years.  She has her Clinical Psychology Masters Degree from Pepperdine University and her Doctorate Degree from the American Behavioral Studies Institute.

Dr. Aylene is a California credentialed multiple subject school teacher and a credentialed school counselor.  She worked for the County of Los Angeles as a Children's Social Worker. 

Her broad experience involves education, social work and clinical psychology.  

Dr. Aylene is also a neurofeedback practitioner, trained at the EEG Institute in Woodland Hills.   

Dr. Aylene has worked with and helped adults and children of all spectrums. She has a large knowledge base in working with clients from all cultures and with diversity in their disorders.  She is also very nice and loves to help people.  She has a full client load and still got into neurofeedback because she believes in how it changes lives.

Health in Motion, Inc.
A Movement Studio based on Yoga, Pilates and GYROTONIC.

Kathy is our fitness and/or meditation counselor

Kathy Demac is a certified GYROTONIC, Yoga and Pilates Instructor.  She has years of experience and has taught at UCLA and other schools and universities throughout the Southern California area.  She is founder of Health in Motion, Inc. 

Her credentials are amazing. 

She is an adjunct professor and teaches yoga yearly to student doctors to the UCLA Medical School doctors in training.  (Google her!)  She is a Yoga of the Heart Cardiac and Cancer trained teacher.  She is teaching a course right now at Loyola University.

Her studio is located in the BrainBoosterPlus Old Agoura location.  Besides her extensive training and education, she is one of the kindest, nicest and calming people you will ever meet.

She will meet with each client and coordinate a program for them to de-stress and get in the best physical and mental condition possible, to achieve their physical and mental potential.

For those who have physical challenges or pain issues, Kathy is an expert at designing programs that will strengthen, repair and/or neutralize physical issues. 

With Kathy's knowledge of the human body and on exercise techniques, people have been able lessen or dissolve their limitations and medication needs.

Kathy can teach and implement any of the three methods that she is certified in providing and teaching.  However, she will focus on teaching people how to breathe.  Most people do not breathe properly and she teaches them to breathe and improve their health.  Her belief is that breathing correctly and having a strong core are essential to feeling good.

The idea is that breathing infuses the blood with extra oxygen and also stimulates the body to release tranquilizing endorphins. Breathing right is one of the simplest, most effective stress management techniques.
Why is breathing right great?  Because, you can do it anywhere, anytime, and it becomes even more effective with practice. 

Come to her studio and learn how easy and helpful it is!  You have been missing out!  You can de-stress and feel better, as an added bonus, you can look better than you ever thought possible.  She will tailor make your program.  We are lucky to have such a well-trained instructor at Brainboosterplus.

Kathy is also trained in EEG neurofeedback from the EEG Institute.

Q:  Are you like that other place that advertises on the radio?

For those who wonder how this is different from another neurofeedback insistute that advertises on the radio, I will explain the main differences, as I understand them.

1. That place has you get assessed by a real licensed psychologist or therapist. 

2. Then, at that other place, you are treated weekly by a technician who knows only what the psychologist planned out for you.  They don't get to know you themselves.  In fact, no one asks you weekly how you are doing or if anything is working.  So, despite the fact that your program may need alteration, there is no one to do it.  The technician never even asks how you are doing.  At Brainboosterplus, we will constantly assess and make necessary changes.  We want success!

3.  At the other place, you never know who the technician is going to be.  They are all underpaid psychology graduates with little experience, and there is no technician assigned to you.  This also leads to no one being able to get to know your needs.  At Brainboosterplus.  You will get a technician assigned to you and you will only change
if you request it or if they are on vacation or out with illness, but even then, you can choose to wait until they are back.  The choice is the clients' choice.

4.  Another main difference is that the other place never discusses diet, nutrition, breathing or exercise.  They just provide neurofeedback based on one assessment.

At Brainboosterplus, we care! 

We give you a full program for about the same price as the other place, but we give a well-rounded approach toning your mind and body--and we are hands on, on a weekly basis. 

We want your success, not just your money!

This is why we came up with the name,
We try to cover all aspects to help you improve your


1. Orientation meetings and neurofeedback in Woodland Hills, near Desoto Blvd., off Ventura Blvd.

2.  Other location for neurofeedback and fitness work in Old Agoura, off of Chesebro, on Agoura Rd.

Call us at (818) 346-7079 to ask qusetions, schedule an orientation appointment, get addresses and directions.

Email:  DrAylene@BrainBoosterPlus.com
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