Is there pressure for your child to be "normal?"
What is normal anyway?
Normal people are just the people we don't know very well. 
No one is "NORMAL!"

And kids are not all made from the same cookie cutter,
unless they are from the town of Stepford.

If a child is strays from the norms of the educational system's criteria in any way, there are pressures given by society and the schools to the parent--
to medicate their children. 

I have been to school meetings (IEPs) where the parent was blamed for things that the child can't control themselves from doing due to brain disregulation. 

The reason your kids are having trouble keeping up with others or with their behavior is NOT because there is something wrong with them.

Much of the time, it is because they are overly stressed out by the excessive  pressures placed on them at school and by peers. 

They just need help regulating something that got disregulated for whatever reason.

The reason they got that way doesn't matter--let's just fix it!

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Is A State of Mind

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 As a licensed therapist and a credentialed teacher and school counselor, I have two decades of experience with the issues of children and their parents, at home and at school. This program was created originally to help with these issues, but we have found that adults have the need to address these issues too!

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Kids and parents are stressed out!

About 20 years ago, homework was
supposed to be 10 minutes per grade
level (ie: 10 minutes, first grade).

Children used to be able to play
outside after school once their small
amount of homework was done. 

As an educator, I know that homework
is only supposed to enhance the
learning of the day's work.  It isn't
necessary to overdo the homework to
enhance education.  However, the push
for it exists. 

Kids are stressed out over their intense 
load and parents are stressed too--since
they spend most of the time trying to help
their kids, despite their own workload.

Kids have a lot of outside activities too
and it is just too hard to keep up with it all. 
Many are overstressed and unhappy. 
They need our help before they grow up.

A lot of kids are turning to self-
medication to keep up.

Kids are turning to cigarettes, pot to relax,
crystal methamphetamines to keep alert
and lose weight, and other substances,
including energy drinks like Monster
and Rockstar.  

Addiction and Numbness:

They overuse of video games (by children and adults) is being used by people to distract from their stress,

A.D.D., anxiety or depression due to brain
disregulation that has occurred from stress overload. 

Playing a little bit as a reward is fine, but for hours on end?  When they are overusing it to avoid reality, then it has become an addiction! 

Violent video games do even more damage because it numbs people's feelings.  The U.S. military uses violent video games to numb soldiers (adults) into becoming trained killers.  So, something that started out as a time or stress killer for kids or adults is training them to be numb to killing.  Talk about losing your soul!

Why are these kids numbing themselves?

As a therapist, I see a lot of parents who want their kids to achieve high marks and many are happy to see their kids work hard, even be labeled as "gifted."  However, many times there is a price to pay for kids who have a tough time keeping up with this label of expectations.  These kids grow intensely anxious or depressed and their parents don't understand what is wrong with them. I have seen some who are so overly anxious, the pictures that they draw, look like how they feel--overstimulated and confused:

The dropout rate is up.  No one has
time to relax, which is necessary for
the brain to run properly.  Seems like
most people don't know how to relax.

Everyone is stressed out and sleep
deprived, which leads to major brain
disregulation.  The sleep deprivation worsens with the overuse of caffeine, which then
contributes to lowered concentration and
increased anxiety, leading to the use of
more self-medicating with drugs  (illegal or
prescription) to get by.....thereby causing
a vicious cycle of stress to the brain.

*An actual student's desk!

Overuse leads to exhaustion.

Many kids can't keep out of bed in
the morning, and then medication is
suggested, BUT, Ritalin and other
stimulants, and anxiety-depression
medications--ALL have side effects. 
(see medication side effect page)


One of the biggest side effects of low
self-esteem with school troubles and/or
being on medications is that the use of 
medication is leading your kids to
alcohol and marijuana use in order to
calm their nerves and minds!  Also,
taking Ritalin or other ADHD
medications are actually a form of speed. 
There is evidence that many people who
use these medications are likely to use
other forms of speed later on, since
the ADHD medication served as a
gateway drug for them.

The teen years are dangerous enough,
due this period being the time when
there are self-esteem issues.  Children
are trying to figure out who they are
and where they belong to fit in. 
Besides addictions, there is a high
suicide rate during the teen years. 
Also, kids are cutting on themselves
or turning to other self mutilating and
destructive behaviors.


Cartoon illustrating what make us all 
worry when we aren't worried about
ourselves, family, school or work........

Studies Show Musicians Gain Higher Musical Acuity with Neurofeedback. click here

Adults and Children Suffer From Anxiety From School and Work: 
The results are the same, STRESS and problems coping.


Kids suffer just as well, especially now that the American school system has implemented new standards and the children have nightly homework now--before they even know how to ride a bike.

We have teenagers up until 1A.M. doing homework with their parents, who are equally exhausted. 

Kids are also exhausted and it shows by their boredom in class and with most of their work.


More people can't sleep at night. People are tired. They find it hard to get up.

Anxiety is high.

Migraines/headaches are frequent.
People are fighting, road rage, etc.--because of anxiety and stress.

Stress and anxiety lead to a disregulated brain, which then leads people to look to self-medicating. Drug abuse is rampant, and it is starting in the middle schools these days. The drug abuse leads to things spiralling out of control.

There are so many pressures. 
At work, we have deadlines and emergencies. 

At school, there are timed tests, standardized school scores, SATs, peer pressure, etc.

Kids need to stay alert, so they snort Ritalin. Everyone is standing at line
at Starbucks. People are looking to zone out on marijuana to relax and stop feeling.

There is an epidemic of drug
abuse, starting in middle school 
and all the way through the pressures of school and peers, 
all the way through college and beyond.

There are cheaper designer
drugs like Meth, keeping adults
and our teens zoned out in order
to cope.

When things get out of control, grades go down, changing of employment, family fights, etc., people then go to the doctor and ask
for help.

They get medication. Prozac, Paxil, Ambien, Atavan, Zoloft, etc.   It is even in the popular culture through ads.

  Who recognizes this little guy?

These drugs work, but they are like
a Band-Aid on a gaping oozing wound. They cover up the problem, but they don't fix the problem.

The brain usually adapts to medication eventually, leaving your medication to eventually need to be changed or the dosage increased.  Many of the medications have serious side effects such as nausea, weight gain, headaches, and more physical symptoms, but also some can lead to suidical thinking.


Neurofeedback, yoga and meditation all work to help heal the brain of the trauma that life has caused it.  Think of it as a brain gym that works out your muscles and lets your brain be in maximum potential! 

What if you could be free of stress--

attention deficit,
and panic attacks

without medication and increase your ability to make sure they stay away?

Would you do what it took? 

We can help you improve your coping skills, patience, attention, concentration, intelligence and your ability to perform under pressure?

read more... 

Got ADD?

Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) causes children and adults to have trouble concentrating on the things they need to concentrate on.  

A lot of people don't really understand A.D.D.  Even some teachers think that if a child can concentrate on some things, then they don't have it.  They are wrong.

Some people will say that their child can focus on videogames or T.V. for hours, therefore they do not have A.D.D.  That is wrong too.

If someone has A.D.D., they can focus forever and a day on what they LIKE, but if you ask them to pay attention to what they don't like, they can try to pay attention, but about 10-15 minutes later, they are bored out of their minds.  That is when they get lost or fidget. 

Not everyone has the hyperactive part (A.D.H.D.), they just have the inattentiveness, and impulsivity.  You can carry this into adulthood too.

Undiagnosed and/or untreated A.D.D. can lead to school problems, behavioral problems, family problems, marital problems, parental problems, and low self-esteem-- because most people with it, think they are stupid, when in fact, they have limited concentration in areas that just simply bore them.

Don't feel bad if you have A.D.D.  Some of the most creative minds out there in history have had Winston Churchill and Mozart!

Neurofeedback can help a person to retrain their brain and to build concentration to work better in areas that do bore them.  Even NASA uses it to build concentration.

If you ever lost or misplaced things more often than you can count or if you have trouble remembering things that you have to do--you might just have A.D.D.

What are the causes of A.D.D.?

There is probably only one real cause of Attention Deficit Disorders, and that is a biochemical neurotransmitter deficiency in the brain, that is genetic and maturational in its nature. This predisposes the brain to an above normal susceptibility to any stress, be it physical (temperature or trauma) emotional, oxygen deficiency, nutritional depravation or bacterial invasion.

(differences between regular and ADHD brain)

Prematurity of the nervous system especially the left hemisphere of the brain also plays a part as premature infants and twins are more susceptible. The maturity lags of these children form an integral and prominent part of the diagnosis.

There are clearly psychological factors, but these are invariably secondary in nature, certainly part of the syndrome, but never the cause. With adequate treatment, most secondary emotional problems fade rapidly.

On the Bad Medicine page, you can read more about how nutrition affects the brain, as well as stress.

Regardless of how someone got A.D.D., living with someone who has A.D.D. or having A.D.D. can be hard. 

For teachers, the kids...

For employees, household managers....

And for students....

Follow our program for help.
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